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October Scientific Meeting 10/22/22

Online via Zoom CT

The Analyst’s Mortality: Risk, Possibility, and Gift: There’s More Than One Person In This Room

Speaker: Ellen Pinsky, PsyD
Discussant: Shannon Drew, MD

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November Scientific Meeting 11/19/22

Online via Zoom CT

The Slow Fuse of the Possible

Speaker: Kate Daniels, author and poet
Discussant: Gretchen Hermes, MD, PhD

January Scientific Meeting 1/21/23

Online via Zoom CT

Gender Transitioning and Variance in Children and Adolescents: Some Temporal and Ethical Considerations

Speaker: Eve Watson, PhD
Discussant: Eileen Dunn, MSW

March Scientific Meeting 3/25/23

Online via Zoom CT

Trauma, the Zero Process, and the Construction of Reality

Speaker: Joseph Fernando, Mpsy, MD
Discussant: Steven Marans, MSW, PhD

April Scientific Meeting 4/17/23

Online via Zoom CT

The Virus US Psychoanalysis Needed

Speaker: Paola Contreras, PsyD
Discussant: Michael Garland, MD

May Scientific Meeting 5/13/23

Online via Zoom CT

Changing Notions of the Feminine: Confronting Psychoanalyst’s Prejudices
Speaker: Margarita Cereijido, PhD
Discussants: Kirsten Dahl, PhD & Rosemary Balsam, MD

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